Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fourth of July Mini Sessions 2018

So I have decided to offer 4th of July mini sessions this year at the amazing price of $79! Yes you read that right! $79 for a 30 minute session up to 3 people ($15 per person after) and 10 edited images in an online gallery.

Pictures posted here are past 4th of July inspired sessions, this is actually the first year I am offering 4th of July mini sessions. The set is going to be super cute!

The dates will be June 25-July 1st so message or call if you want a spot. 760-885-5667

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Broadway Themed Recital 2018

Recital is approaching fast for these girls this year! Just a couple weeks left. I am amazed at the improvement they all have shown in just one short year and am so excited to see them perform. Here are some shots of Tess' dance friends as well as their group shots (I haven't taken Tess' individual pictures yet).

Aren't they all so adorable!




Hip Hop:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Little Airplane Pilot: Southern California Child Photographer

What a year this has been already! Oh my. I have been MIA for a while because this year has started off with a bang. My Grandpa passed away in January, a little suddenly I would say, so my family has been dealing with that. Plus just trying to shake this sickness going around. I mean I have been sick six times since November now. Just when I think I am feeling better for a few days it starts over again. Not only that but last week I took a pretty hard fall and was not mobile for a few days. My mom had to come over to take care of me and the kids. Then when I was just starting to feel better from that I decided to go and hit my head and give myself a bump and bruise. So...... yeah. I'm a mess.

On a lighter note last month I was able to get these cute shots of my baby. He will be four in May. Four! I can't even believe it. He is so funny, smart, and sweet. He got this adorable outfit for Christmas so I knew I needed to use it in a session.

By the way the first two pictures are from my tester images and then as I'm editing I realized the backdrop was upside down so we had to re-shoot. The rest of the pictures are from the re-shoot

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mini sessions?

Does anyone really like mini sessions anyways?

I usually am not really successful at mini sessions because my clients rather pay for the full one hour family session. So I am asking for your opinion. Do you like the idea of a mini session or is it something you'd rather pass on? If you don't care for them, why? Is it because you don't like the sets? or the price? Maybe you don't like the themes? Are there specific mini session themes you'd like me to offer?

I'd really love to hear your feedback as my clients and potential clients. I want to know what you guys want! So please let me know so I can better our business experience. You can either leave a comment here or email me your responses at

Friday, January 19, 2018

What I Do When I'm Not Photographing: Southern California Lifestyle Photographer

Photography has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I used to say that it really started for me when I took my very first photography class in high school, but it actually began way before that.
Recently I was going through an old box of photographs and I had a ton of pictures of me and my friends from elementary school. When I really started to think about it I remember always having a camera with me even at that young age. I would bring it with me everyday to school and take pictures at recess.

Another passion that I've had since a really young age is art. I remember when I was five years old I got some cheap Crayola watercolors, you know the ones all kids use first? Well I just wanted to paint everyday and I did! I painted everything in sight. All my stuffed animals, vases, flowers, babies, people, pictures from my books, whatever I saw I painted. This too grew into a passion and is something I have practiced and practiced always still to this day.

But what do I do when I'm not shooting awesome families or painting and drawing? By now I'm sure you can tell that I am an artistic person so most of my activities include some sort of creativity. I love paper crafting like scrapbooking and making cards. I have a craft room filled with everything I need to make whatever I want. I have punches, stamps, stamp pads, card stock, vinyl, embossing folders, framelits, ribbon, tons of embellishments, and more.

I own a cricut machine and I love to make everything for my kids' parties including invitations, food signs, banners, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, etc. Everything matching for their parties. Recently I have been using vinyl and making custom t-shirts, signs, cups, and anything else I can put vinyl on.

Also, I love to crochet. I know how to knit too but I prefer to crochet because it's quicker. Right now I am working on a cool blanket for Hunter's big boy bed to match his room.

I love to read! Usually the only time I can read is at night before bed because there is just no time during the day, but sometimes I am able to just curl up on the couch by the fire to read a good book. I love Victorian literature, romances, biography's, religious, and history books. This is what I am currently reading right now.

Fun fact, I was a band geek! That's right I played the clairinet from 4th grade until 9th grade but I have been studying music since 1st grade. I learned to read music and play basic songs on the piano in addition to learning the recorder. Then in 4th grade I chose the Clairinet. In high school I started to play the guitar and took a class at school. Recently within the last few years I have developed a strong love for the Ukulele and have taught myself to play. I now own four of them!

Baking! I have made cakes, cake pops, brownies, and sugar cookies. This is a frustrating art for me. Every time I am in the middle of making something I tell my Husband "I'm not doing this anymore!" Then the next event comes around and there I go again! I just can't help myself. There is something amazing about seeing your finished creation after all that hard work.

Occasionally, I like to refinish furniture. I paint old items with chalk paint. It's so much fun. I wish I had a before and after picture of something I have done.

So these are my hobbies! Sometimes I wish I only had a couple of activities, but how boring would that be?! If I get bored with one medium I can switch to something else and that also keeps my creative juices flowing so I don't get in many ruts.

What are some of your hobbies?

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Perfect Christmas Gift: Southern California Family Photographer

I love, love, love having repeat clients and this beautiful family right here has been back to me a few times. I am so thankful for awesome and loyal clients that I can call my friends. Not only that, but I get to witness and document their growing family.

Little Malcolm was only one week old here and although I am still getting used to newborn photography he was a little champ and made my job very easy.