Friday, October 20, 2017

My Parents 60th Birthdays Part 3: Southern California Family Photographer

Here we are with the third part of my parents surprise 60th birthday blog. This one features my other brother, sister-in-law, and three beautiful nieces. How adorable are they? I mean seriously?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My Parents 60th Birthdays Part 2: San Bernardino Family Photographer

Here is the second part of my parents birthday celebration and surprise photo session with the whole family! Like I said in the previous blog I took individual portraits of my brother's and their families, our parents with all the grand kids and one with the whole familia, which you will see in Friday's blog.

This is my brother, sister-in-law and adorable nephew!

And my parents with their little buckaroo!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

My Parent's 60th Birthdays part 1: Southern California Family Photographer

So this past weekend me and my brothers, along with our significant others, surprised our parents with a party for their 60th birthdays since they are only five days apart. It was nice and intimate with just our immediate family. In addition to the party we surprised them with a photo session with the whole family and all the grand kids.

First I want to say that I admire my parents. They are the best parents in the entire world and I get to call them mine. Not only are they amazing parents and grandparents, but they are also amazing spouses to each other. Their love for one another is truly eternal. The example they have set for me and my brothers is inspiring. I only hope to have the long lasting and unconditional love they have for each other with my own husband for the many years to come.

With that all being said this blog will be split into a few posts since there was a lot of pictures and family combos to photograph. Here are my parents pictures together. Seriously, look how perfect they are!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Back to School: Southern California Child Photographer

Technically, it's not back to school since she's never been in school, but I thought it sounded better. These are for first school pictures because she is in Kindergarten! I don't think I have seen a kid more excited to leave her mom and go to school, but my kid was. She came back that first day and said she didn't even miss me and that she didn't think about me all day. Yup. Just like that. I mean I was happy that she loved it and was so eager to learn and make friends but geeze. Actually, because she had such a positive attitude I think it really helped me mentally because I was fine. I didn't cry like I thought I would. Anyways I absolutely love how these came out and will offer this set next year for back to school mini's.

Yes, I realize some of these are repetitive but she's such a good model and it's hard to pick just a few.