Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Little Airplane Pilot: Southern California Child Photographer

What a year this has been already! Oh my. I have been MIA for a while because this year has started off with a bang. My Grandpa passed away in January, a little suddenly I would say, so my family has been dealing with that. Plus just trying to shake this sickness going around. I mean I have been sick six times since November now. Just when I think I am feeling better for a few days it starts over again. Not only that but last week I took a pretty hard fall and was not mobile for a few days. My mom had to come over to take care of me and the kids. Then when I was just starting to feel better from that I decided to go and hit my head and give myself a bump and bruise. So...... yeah. I'm a mess.

On a lighter note last month I was able to get these cute shots of my baby. He will be four in May. Four! I can't even believe it. He is so funny, smart, and sweet. He got this adorable outfit for Christmas so I knew I needed to use it in a session.

By the way the first two pictures are from my tester images and then as I'm editing I realized the backdrop was upside down so we had to re-shoot. The rest of the pictures are from the re-shoot

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